Scalable URL Shortener And Analytics Platform.

URL / Links are the gateway to your brand / product / content. Tracks every click and understand your customers and how you perform.


URL Shortener Platform Offerings

Milliseconds Turnaround.
We’re a multi-cloud platform with high availability.

Accurate Click and Analytics Data.
Click Analytics by Geography, Audience Demograph, Browser and Device breakdown. Export clickstream and splice and dice your data.

Custom Domains and Secure connections.
Host on Your Domain and every single request is routed through HTTPS.

Customer Praise

“ gives us complete access to all every click ever made across our product and social media. Can see what content is performing and in which regions. Allows marketing to measure campagin performance. Way affordable then”


1  {
2    "twitter": {
3      "no_of_clicks": 340928,
4    }
5    "facebook": {
6      "fullName": 82734,
7    }
8    "instagram": {
9      "fullName": 231,
10    }
11  }

API SDKs in multiple languages.

Create or Get Analytics on single short URLs or bunch of URLs easily.


Upgrade whenever you need it.


Ideal for popular websites.

  • API access
  • Analytics Click and User
  • 2 Million monthly requests
  • 1 Million URLs Per Year

Big Brands that operate regionally.

  • API access
  • Analytics Click and User
  • 10 Million monthly requests
  • 12 Million URLs Per Year
  • Custom Domains
International Brands

Fortune 500 Global Brands

  • API access
  • Analytics Click and User
  • Unlimited monthly requests
  • 2 Billion URLs Per Year
  • Custom Domains
  • 24/7 Service and Technical Supprt
  • About
  • is a product of NumerateLABs. We built URL Shortener for one of the biggest brand in the world and learned the in and outs of building a scalable URL shortener. ankur+4url [AT] numeratelabs [DOT] com.